This project is no longer maintained. You can try your luck with online solutions like LibraryThing or


Canoe is an online book cataloging software. It differs from library in a way it handles users. In Canoe everyone is equal and is able to either share or borrow books. System helps to store and browse books data. It also automates borrowing process so you can find the book and make an arrangement with the owner with only few clicks. It is fast and robust, designed to be easily extended and modified. Written entirely in Python.


Main Canoe page, with recently added books, login and search boxes and navigation links.

Canoe main page

Book details page.

Canoe book page

Preferences page for an admin user, containing both account-specific and site-specific forms.

Canoe book page


To use canoe you need Python >= 2.3 and SQLite2 paired with python module pysqlite 1.0.


If you would like to take over the project, contact me at